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The life of an engineering student is very different & unique as compared to other students. In 4 years of engineering, they have to face 8 semesters, 100's of assignments, many midsems, internals & externals. But at the end they win & successfully complete their engineering degree with above 8 or 9 pointers. In these 4 years the only thing they didn't took seriously is PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES. Students think by doing C/C++/JAVA, they will get job. But the result is after completion of engineering they will not get Job instead of having 9 pointers degree. The 4 Year Success Tips: Friends, If you will follow these tips, take my words you will surely get IT/Software jobs & excellent package.


Even before completion of engineering. So let’s have a focus here and follow this-

1. Initially strong your logical thinking & problem solving capability with DATA STRUCTURE. DS is not only the subject of university. DS is the foundation of computer field. Without DS successful software cannot be created. Top companies including Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Persistent, Impetus, Yahoo, Amazon ask Data Structure concepts to students & provide package in LACS.

2. When you become strong with Data Structure concepts, now it’s time to apply. Here you need a programming language to implement Data Structure logics. Here comes C/C++ language. While learn C/C++, you again do a common mistake, you will join coaching only for complete syllabus & learn from college point of view or just because others are doing C/C++. Like , at Programmers Point, Programming will be cover not as syllabus but companies perspective.

3. After C/C++, without wasting time start learning CORE JAVA. CORE JAVA is the 1st step of project development. Java is pure Object Oriented Programming Language. CORE JAVA helps to learn J2EE Advance Java, Android & other technologies as well. By the end of 2nd year you must complete all the above.

4. From the 3rd year, you start learning technologies like Spring, Hibernate, Android, BigData, Hadoop etc to get excellent package in final year above 5 lacs.