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AngularJS Training Institute in Indore

In recent years,AngularJS Training has become quite a necessity for web designers and developers all over the world. Be a part of this growing trend with the Best Angularjs Training Institute in Indore. One such institution which provides accountable Angularjs Training in Indore is Programmers Point. Angularjs is the framework on which web applications are built on. When you make use of Angularjs, your template language will be HTML, and syntax of HTML is used as an expression of your desired application. When you make use of Angularjs, you don’t need to make use of the complex codes which are normally used in the building of applications. Angularjs is ideal for all kinds of server technologies which makes it the perfect partner for creating web applications. It enables you to build a well defined structure from the base itself. Programmers Point offers one of the Best Angularjs Courses in Indore. Angularjs is great for the binding of data, validation of forms, and in the injection of dependency. It is also ideal for routing and deep linking. Sign up for one of the AngularJS Class in Indore and benefit immensely from them.

How we, at Programmers Point, help you?

Angularjs Training Indore at Programmers Point can give your career a power push. Besides offering student-centric course training, we provide career counseling to enable you to secure a coveted Angularjs job of your choice. All you need is to enroll with our Angularjs Coaching Classes Indore . Programmers Point Provides Angularjs certification Courses at Indore It provides its students with basic to advanced level training in a real time environment. Equipped with courses in Angularjs, you will be selected by top companies dealing with web applications from all over the world. Get your course from a top Angularjs Institute in Indore for an amazing future.The syllabus for this course has been broken down below

Course Content of AngularJs Class in Indore

    Angular Js 2.0/4.0/5.0

  • Introduction of Angular
  • Difference Between Angular, Angular4.0 and Angular5.0
  • Describe Node and NPM
  • Typescript

  • Introduction of Typescript
  • Typescript basic syntax
  • Typescript Operator, control statement, array string
  • Typescript Object Oriented
  • Typescript Constructor, Inheritance and Interface


    Basic Structure of Angular

  • Angular Development Environment
  • Angular Modules
  • What is Components in Angularjs ?
  • Angular Data Binding (One-way and Two way)
  • ngModel
  • Angular first Application
  • Angular CLI
  • Angular Routing
  • Making Forms in Angular
  • Apply Bootstrap on Angular Application
  • Angular form validation
  • Services and Dependency Injuction in Angular
  • RxJS & Observables Overview
  • Directives in Angular
  • Making Website based on Angular
  • Live Project on Angular