About Us

About Programmer's Point

Programmers Point is trying to built a reputation as a top global provider for quality computer education. offers a wide range of long-term and short-term IT courses catering to each individual’s unique requirements by using the best faculty with good experience in real time environment.

One of the areas of our specializations is – Project study, analysis, development and its implementation. The computer faculty in our computer institute has hands-on experience in software development and has a proven track record in training and guiding the students. They take intensive care from the very first step of selecting the Project title, encouraging the student to venture a distinct project, involve themselves in the Project by putting their own effort, time and subject to write programs to execute the same. In case of any problems, the faculty in-charge willingly guides the student and helps them in successfully executing the Project.


Our mission

The mission of Programmers Point is to provide quality vocational education and training through a suite of accredited courses that cater for both the international and domestic markets. Our overall aim is to provide education and training in a caring environment for a skilled and adaptable workforce to meet the ever-changing needs of industry.

Our vision

To be recognized as a leader in open and flexible vocational education and ELICOS. Programmers Point will be recognized for its innovative and creative methodological and pedagogical approaches to students, as expressed through its teaching, learning, courses, programs, activities and the quality of personalized services offered to students.