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What is Wordpress?

WordPress is a free and open-source tool and a content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL which also consists of a plugin architecture and a template system. More than 15 percent of today’s internet is using Wordpress technology to run and this number is ever increasing even as we speak. From running a simple blog to possibly uploading a top-notch e-commerce website; the versatility of the platform is simply unrivaled.

Developers and businesses all over the world are taking a keen interest in Wordpress framework and because of things like; its friendly user interface, availability of a wide range of themes, easiness with which you can work with templates, plugins, and widgets; it’s not difficult to see why. While it is a fascinating on-job skill to add to your current work scenario, it is equally imperative as a separate niche for pursuing a full-fledged professional career as a developer.

Why join our Wordpress Training Institute in Indore?

Our Wordpress training institute in Indore focuses on providing both students and working professionals just what it takes to become a top-notch Wordpress developer at the highest level be it the infrastructure and resources or even the faculty. Wordpress is quite a versatile platform and to gain complete control of the technology, one not only needs hard work and regular practice but also efficient and professional training courses and programs to mentor them by a step by step growth and development mechanism.

We have years of experience in training individuals in web and Wordpress development niche with respect to the latest and most-wanted industrial practices through well-reputed curses and programs. The world-class syllabus, well-renowned faculty and the ratio of jobs and placements are the features of our academy that put our nose ahead of various other skill development academies offering a similar set of courses and programs in the Wordpress development niche.

Due to its easier user-interface and versatility in terms of themes, plugins and various other tools; Wordpress is extensively used by a lot of big industries as the sole and most preferred CMS software and this always ensures a plethora of opportunities for any individual looking to pursue a professional career in Wordpress development.

What are the contents of our Wordpress Training Course in Indore?

The coursework of our Wordpress Training Courses in Indore is designed by some of the finest WordPress and web developing professionals in the industry which comprehensively covers all the intricacies of the niche so as to help students take giant strides in their professional career in the niche at the highest level. The programs and courses that highly employ practical sessions and live-project training are aimed at providing never before skills sets and exposure so as to help individuals develop the essential skills that are needed to stay relevant in the industry in terms of job credentials and that too in an affordable fee structure. We have WordPress development courses for both beginners and intermediates and students step by step learn the basics and advanced skills related to WordPress development like; setting up and configuring pages, installing and customizing themes, installing and modifying plugins, installing widgets, working with templates, AJAX, PHP, uploading content, overview of the admin panel view and various other things. Our course is also perfect for anyone who wants to learn web technologies for the purpose of developing business on the internet. An individual is provided a full-fledged and thorough overview of WordPress functionality, its various useful tools, and plugins, and in-depth reviews of many popular themes and theme frameworks, both free and commercial.

Starting right from the beginner’s level, the course first breaks it down about the installation and building blocks of Wordpress content management system which is then followed up providing insights about the Admin Panel and its main building blocks. The students then learn about pages, posts, forums, and thereafter plugin management that allow one to add images and videos to the website. The last part, of course, covers the intricacies of SEO and Meta tags along with an overview of various themes and designs that are manifested to optimize a website for giving it a complete and professional look.

We have both short term and long term courses for individuals based on the skill sets they want to achieve and the time that they are willing to invest in. we also have an option of weekend classes for individuals or working professionals that cannot join our daily routine classes due to their current job responsibilities or even other personal reasons.

What to expect from our Wordpress training classes in Indore?

The academy has an incredible infrastructure along with groundbreaking resources to provide the perfect foil for shaping up the future of both students and working professionals in the niche. We have an immensely experienced faculty on board to help students learn the most important tips and tricks of the Wordpress development that are required to get success at the highest level. The academy has a neat and clean campus and the premises house the most spacious and well-furnished classrooms for catering the perfect and absorbing learning environment for individuals where they get can maximum exposure and in-depth knowledge and expertise of the do’s and don’ts of their field.

Our Wordpress training classes in Indore has the best student-teacher ratio amongst the various skill development academies around Indore and all of central India that offer a similar set of courses and programs in the Wordpress niche. We believe that each and every individual has the potential to achieve greatness in his niche and this is the reason that we only allow a limited number of students in every batch to ensure the highest level of personal attention for each and every individual taking up the course.

Get certified now:

You can also join the league of hundreds of extraordinary and successful aspirants all over the world that have chosen to give wings to their professional career as web designers or word press developers by enrolling with our Wordpress training programs and courses and get yourself ready for the best opportunities at the highest level in the niche. The Wordpress certifications of our academy are well recognized all around the industry and can give one absolute skill and proficiency in pursuing a career in the setting up and configuring Wordpress, and its designing credentials.

Course Content of Wordpress Training in Indore

    WordPress Hosting and installation

  • CMS Introduction
  • Setting up Web Hosting
  • Registering a Domain Name
  • Adobe Indesign
  • Downloading and Installing Word Press on your Web Space
  • Word Press Templates

  • How PHP scripts work
  • PHP syntax
  • PHP data types
  • Google Caffeine
  • displaying type information
  • Testing for a specific data type
  • Changing type with Set type
  • Operators
  • Variable manipulation
  • Dynamic variables
  • Static vs. Dynamic Optimization
  • Analytics, Analysis and ROI Concept

    String Manipulation

  • Adding a pre-existing site template to WordPress
  • Creating and adding your own site template to WordPress
  • Note - this is an overview of templates - for in-depth coverage we offer an Advanced WordPress Course
  • Configuring WordPress Setup Options

  • When and How to Upgrade Wordpress
  • Managing User Roles and Permissions
  • Managing Spam with Askimet
  • Adding WordPress Plug-ins

  • Downloading and Installing plug-ins
  • Activating Plug-ins
  • Guide to the most useful WordPress plugins

    Adding Content

  • Posts vs Pages
  • Adding Content to Posts & Pages
  • Using Categories
  • Using Tags
  • Managing User Comments
  • Managing Media in WordPress

  • Uploading Images
  • Basic and Advanced Image Formatting
  • Adding Video
  • Adding Audio
  • Managing the Media Library
  • Overvie of WordPress Multi-User (MU)
  • PHP Live Project

  • Project Discussion
  • Requirements analysis of Project